I’m Whitney Mutch. I am a native Floridian, but have studied and lived in several states, as well as Greece.

I graduated from Agnes Scott College (Decatur, Georgia) with a double major in Philosophy and Classical Languages and Literature. After college, I attended Florida State University (Tallahassee, Florida) where I continued my graduate studies in Ancient Philosophy.

My primary works are in Ancient Stoic Philosophy with an emphasis on Determinism/Free Will, Stoic Logic, and Ontology.
In addition, I’m also interested in (and been fortunate to teach!) Philosophy of Race, Class, and Gender; Philosophy of Literature, Philosophy of Law. More recently, I have found myself doing studying/writing/presenting in Aesthetics.

I do my own translations of Ancient Greek and Latin and am happy to tutor (please comment and I’ll be in touch).

I am almost always listening to music; I enjoy reading, walking, running, cooking, knitting, and ballet–to name a few things!

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